About Visualize

Established to meet the growing demand for computer generated imagery in the interior design and architectural industries, Visualize was launched by Matt Silvester in the spring of 2007 along with a highly talented and dedicated team of designers. Every member of the Visualize team has an educational and commercial background in design, from traditional graphic design for printed marketing, multimedia and web design, to our core industry of 3D visualization and animation.

We have taken on projects from across the UK, and more recently in Europe, Canada and the USA. We create photo-realistic computer generated visuals and animations of hotels, restaurants, clubs and casinos for the hospitality and leisure industries, and new-build houses, apartments, renovation projects and more. We work closely with our clients and become an integral part of the design process. This intensive collaboration with designers and architects has allowed us to learn and understand structures, building materials, fabrics, colours and furniture.

Here at Visualize we took the decision to specialize in providing a 3D visualization service for the architectural and interior design industries. Yet with the broad range of skills and experience of our team we can provide a variety of traditional design and new media services to compliment our visuals. Please see the interactive multimedia, web design and graphic design sections of this website for further information.


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