Case Studies

Beau Rivage Palace Hotel
Lausanne . Lake Geneva . Switzerland

Visualize were asked by Stuart Wilsden of Wilsden Design Associates in London to develop a set of visuals for the total refurbishment of the public areas of the Beau Rivage Palace Hotel, a renowned five star hotel in Lausanne on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

Our first step was to meet with WDA at their offices in London and take a look at the plans and ideas for the refurbishment and how we could best show off the new designs. Discussing issues of preference on lighting, the time of day to set the shots, and the various choices of camera angles to begin with, we laid out a plan of action and together we established a plan of action to create the best visuals we possibly could.

WDA provided Visualize with photos, plans and dimensions for each piece of furniture along with samples of the fabrics and finishes. They also provided us with detailed specification for all wall floor and ceiling finishes. Armed with all that information Visualize were then able to develop the visuals. Through a number of meetings, telephone calls and emails the two teams worked very closely together on this intense and thoroughly enjoyable collaboration to create the images seen below...

It was a pleasure to work with such a great design team on such a prestigious project. All parties were extremely happy with the final result and the visuals have been used to give patrons of the hotel an idea of what to expect once work on the refurbishment is complete.

"The Visualize team are professional, experienced and have a natural understanding of three-dimensional design and are certainly skilled in the production of high quality visuals. We look forward to further work with them" Stuart Wilsden

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